Amazon Prime Day October 2023

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Starting a weight loss journey can feel challenging, but having the right tools in your kitchen can make all the difference. Investing in new kitchen tools can help you prepare healthier meals more efficiently, which can ultimately help you achieve your weight loss goals. As weight loss dietitians, here are some of our favorite Amazon prime deals to help you spend less money and less time in the kitchen.

(Disclaimer – This post may contain affiliate links)

Instant Pot Multifunctional Cooker

We have been using the Instant Pot for years to cut down on our meal prepping time. The Instant Pot is not only a pressure cooker but it is also a slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan, and food warmer helping you make easy and healthy meals fast. Some of our favorite recipes include juicy chicken salsa, veggie-packed shredded beef, spicy tortilla soup, and no-bean chicken chili.

Ninja Airfryer and Grill All-in-one

The Ninja Grill has been one of the best investments we have made! We use it everyday! It has grilling features without the mess of an outdoor grill. It also comes with a thermometer to help make sure you food is cooked to the right temperature. We also love using it as an air fryer and it makes food taste just like it has been deep fried. If you love the taste of fried foods but want to cut down on calories and fat to help you reach your weight loss goals, having an air fryer is a must! Although, the grill is super easy to clean up, we like to use these liners to make cleaning even easier.

Vegetable Chopper

If you hate how long it takes to prep fruits and vegetables, this chopper is perfect for you. There are many different attachments that allow you to change the size or style of how you cut. It is also dishwasher safe which makes cleaning up a breeze. This handy gadget saves time, making it super easy to add a rainbow of veggies to your salads, stir-fries, and more.


No other blender we have used measures up to the Vitamix. I originally got a refurbished Vitamix on on their site 5 years ago and it works perfectly and never gave me any issues. Having a high-speed blender is helpful to make smoothies, soups,  sauces, desserts, pancake batter, and baked goods. Whip up a breakfast smoothie in a jiffy, packed with your fave fruits, veggies, yogurt, and protein powder, for a satisfying meal that keeps you full and fueled or hours.

Glass Meal Prep Containers

This set of 10 glass containers with lids is perfect for meal prepping and food storage. They are high-quality glass, durable, easy to clean, and safe for use in the microwave and oven. 

Smart Scale for Body Weight

Having a smart body scale helps you measure not only your weight but also your body fat percentage. It can be helpful to track body fat as the number on the scale is not always accurate and does not account for body composition changes.

If you are looking to invest in new items to help your weight loss, now is the time as Amazon is having great discounts on many products. It can also be a good time to get ahead on Holiday shopping! 

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