Food Sensitivity

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We are Registered Dietitians and Certified LEAP Therapists. We are passionate about helping you get to the bottom of your symptoms so you can feel your BEST!

Does this sound like you?

• You are eating “healthy” but still don’t see an improvement in your symptoms. 

• You keep hearing that your labs are “normal” but you still don’t feel good.

• You are suffering from symptoms related to IBS, migraine/headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, GERD/ Acid Reflux, eczema, or others.

• You try to avoid certain foods to help you with your symptoms but just end up lost and not sure what to eat.

• You are constantly feeling tired or fatigued without much explanation.

Are you ready to...

Know what foods you are reactive to.

• Get to the bottom of your symptoms instead of constantly trying to “mask it”. 

Improve your symptoms so you can finally feel normal again.

• Improve energy levels.

• Feel heard and supported throughout your journey.


LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) is a 12-week food sensitivity/symptom relief program which uses the Mediator Release Test (MRT Test) to determine the unique foods and chemicals that you might have a sensitivity to. These food sensitivities can be the cause of many symptoms such as inflammation, migraines, IBS, GERD, and so much more.

The Mediator Release Test (MRT) is a patented blood test designed to identify sensitive foods and food-chemicals that cause inflammatory response in your body. It is an accurate test with 94.5% sensitivity and 91.7% specificity. The MRT test 176 foods and chemicals (here is a list of foods and chemicals tested ( 

For more information on MRT visit:

To help you better understand, MRT is the blood test that you need in order to start the LEAP protocol diet.


After receiving your MRT results, we will have a session to discuss your results and come up with a food plan for Phase 1. For more info visit:

There are 6 phases to LEAP:

Leap Diet Phase 1

During this phase, you will only consume foods that are tested and safe. These foods will look different for each individual and are based on your MRT test results. This phase will help you quickly reduce inflammation and you will be able to see a reduction in  your symptoms.

Leap Diet Phase 2-5

During this phase, we will begin to include more safe foods that were tested in your MRT test.  We then will monitor any symptoms or reactions.

Leap Diet Phase 6

During this phase, we begin to include even more food options by continuing to challenge foods that were included in your MRT test as well as untested foods, as permitted.

Disclaimer: LEAP/MRT is not suitable for those with an eating disorder (ED) or history of ED.  Although temporary, it is a restrictive elimination diet and can be a trigger to some individuals.




We start with your initial visit & symptom screening.  Once MRT results are available, we go over them and get you ready to start Phase 1.  You will have 4 follow-up visits bi-weekly for support and accountability during your journey.


Get access to our private app which includes nutritional educational modules, 2000+ healthy recipes, food & lifestyle journal, resources, and much more. A 65-page e-book with your MRT test results and information is also included.



We’re in this together! We provide unlimited messaging access through our secure app so you can get all your questions and concerns answered. We understand that making changes is not easy and we are here to help and support you throughout your journey.


We go over your food & lifestyle journal and give you feedback/ suggestions. And let’s not forget to keep things in check! Every week we send you a check-in form to help you stay accountable towards your goals.  You also get access to LEAP private Facebook group with over 1.7k members.



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MRT-LEAP has helped thousands of people improve their symptoms. Click here to read real-life experience going through the LEAP program.


Food sensitivities are non-allergic (non-IgE) and are very different from food allergies.  When a person consumes a food that is reactive to them, their body releases mediators that cause inflammation and pain.  Reactive foods are different from person to person and even if you eat healthy, there could be healthy foods that may give you a reaction.  Unlike food allergies that cause a reaction immediately, food sensitivities can develop symptoms 48-72 hours after a reactive food is consumed making it very challenging to identify your food triggers.

The short answer for this is no.  MRT is not an allergy test and it does not look at IgE reactions.  As mentioned, food sensitivity is very different from food allergies.  MRT only tests for food sensitivity, if you suspect that you have a food allergy we recommend contacting your doctor for further evaluation.

MRT and LEAP is for those who suspect they have a food sensitivity and want to get to the bottom of their symptoms.  It is intended to help reduce inflammation from an array of conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Eczema, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic fatigue symptoms, and more.  MRT/LEAP is not recommended for those with a history of eating disorders.

Once signed up for our MRT-LEAP program, you will receive a testing kit which you can take to a clinic to get your blood drawn.  We will provide you with a list of options near you.  Please note – MRT-LEAP program does not include the cost of drawing blood.

It’s important to state that LEAP is not intended for weight loss and it is not the goal of this program.  The goal is to reduce inflammation to help improve your symptoms, however, some patients do experience weight loss during the program.

The MRT test and program are not covered by insurance.